How much Carbon 60 should I take????

Carbon 60 in Olive Oil is non-toxic and is easily digested by the body.

As the community of C60 consumers increases more anecdotal evidence is surfacing on how much C60 to take at a time. Many experiment to see what is best for their specific needs and body type.

  • For maintenance, and longevity purposes – a teaspoon to a tablespoon per day
  • Endurance athletes have been known to consume a bottle all at once on a monthly basis
  • I personally have found a tablespoon per day with a cup of Raw Kefir works for my needs.

Why the Raw Kefir???

  • Aids the carbon 60 molecule to attract and bind with hydrogen molecules creating a super antioxidant, 172 times stronger than Vitamin C
  • Apple slices have been known to work the same way

My recommendation is to get started, start slow and see what works for you and what achieves the results you desire.

***Note Carbon 60 is not approved by the FDA or other federal bodies for human consumption.