About Us

Hi this is MIke and Pam, we operate www.hempluv.com. On our website, we offer a mix of CBD/full spectrum hemp products, in addition to Carbon 60. We believe in alternative approaches for our health regiment.

Having grown up with autoimmune issues and then finding this wonderful condition was passed onto one of our children. It became a mission for us to adjust diets to avoid things that can cause irritation of colitis, and celiac. We learned a lot about food types, vitamins, and other health routines. One recent item, that has aided my conditions, but also assisted my wife’s arthritis. Was Carbon 60. We learned of the potential benefits of carbon 60 on Youtube while listening to an interview with the CEO of carbon60oliveoil.com. We grew intrigued and ordered our first bottles to begin our experimentation. After 2 months, with noticeable improvements we felt like this was something we wanted to pay forward and spread the word on a larger scale. During our time of using C60, we began to read may more articles and seen other interviews regarding the health benefits of Carbon 60.

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