Exciting Test Results On The Use of Carbon 60 in Olive Oil

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Exciting Test Results On The Use of Carbon 60 in Olive Oil

Carbon 60
If you haven’t heard of Carbon 60, you’re probably not alone. It’s still a relatively new product, but early studies indicate it’s extremely beneficial. Already, it has been found to extend the lifespan of rats by 90% and that’s just the early findings. As research continues, more benefits are sure to be found. Here, we’ll look at what is already known about Carbon 60, or C60. This product is not approved by the FDA and is for personal experimentation. The following results are reported by the consuming community and laboratory tests conducted on rats.
Protection Against Age-Related Degeneration
Free radicals can do a great deal of damage to the body at a molecular level. They move from molecule to molecule, doing enough damage to cause age-related decline, but antioxidants, like Carbon 60, arrest that damage. C60 prevents lipid peroxidation and iron-induced oxidation from damaging cells.
Prevention of Inflammation
In a study conducted on mice, it was found that C60 inhibited the production of the enzymes IL-1, matrix metalloproteinases, and TNF-alpha. This reduces the chance of inflammation occurring.
Kills Viruses in the Blood
Carbon 60 was found to deactivate viruses delivered by mosquitos, when infused with certain types of photons.
Eases Stress on Nerve Cells
When Carbon 60 is introduced into the body, it alleviates much of the strain placed on nerve cells. Typically, nerves can become overworked and may die off as a result. C60 prevents premature nerve death.
Reduces the Risk of Osteoarthritis
As a water soluble agent, prevents the damage to bones caused by stress and strain. In research conducted on rabbits, C60 prevented the degeneration of bones, protected bone cells, and reduced bone inflammation.
Carbon 60 May Eliminate Obesity
Proper Weight management is a problem with which millions of people struggle. That challenge may soon be over, if recent research on C60 holds true. The C60 found in squalene (shark oil) prevents fat cells from increasing in mass and in quantity. Additionally, it was shown to inhibit insulin resistance.
Bacteria s Killed by C60
It was also found that Carbon 60 derived from malonyl bolstered the strength of white blood cells. This helps in fighting off bacterial infections, the underlying causes of skin infections, toxic shock syndrome, and strep throat.
Skin Cancer May Be a Thing of the Past
In studies conducted on facsimiles of human skin, Carbon 60 was shown to prevent UV damage. In the tests, sunburn was prevented by adding C60 to sunscreen.
User Experiences Support Early Research
Following the previously cited animal testing studies, Carbon 60 has been manufactured in olive oil on a limited basis. With just a few thousand bottles sold, users are already boasting about this compound’s benefits. At the very least, users have reported enhanced energy levels and “mental improvements” that have included the ability to function on less sleep.
For those seeking a new performance enhancer, the physically active have also reported multiple benefits. For instance, several users reported being able to lift more weight than they were normally capable of doing. The weight increase was significant enough that, in many cases, the individuals pushed themselves too hard and tore tendons. While this is certainly not the desired intention, it does attest to the benefits of Carbon 60.
Similarly, many users claimed to have been able to do significantly more reps at their normal weight. This was the most commonly cited benefit and users making this claim insisted that C60 was the cause. User statements add that the benefits of C60 are greater than those offered by anabolic steroids.
Weight training isn’t the only physical activity enhanced by C60. Runners say they can run for longer durations, while utilizing less oxygen. Greater speed and agility was also reported. Even though this resulted in a more rapid pulse, runners reported feeling calm and comfortable. The physiological enhancements seem contradictory, but that may depend on the needs and experiences of each user. While some may benefit from the reduced stress and calm8ng effects of Carbon 60, others may thrive on the added boost to their body’s metabolism.
Some users also reported feeling their stress levels reduced after taking the C60 infused olive oil. A higher libido was another benefit touted by many users. Faster skin healing times, following sunburn, was also reported, which seems to confirm at least some of the findings reported in the animal studies.
The benefits of Carbon 60 discovered through testing are clearly different from those reported in practical use. While that doesn’t necessarily negate one or the other, it may indicate a need for more research. In the meantime, users are continuing to benefit from C60 infused olive oil. Whether this is a placebo effect, as some critics suggest, or a real miracle of modern science has yet to be determined, but users seem happy and convinced of C60’s power over human biology. Future studies may soon confirm what users are already reporting, backing up genuine user experiences with hard scientific data.

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  1. Ken Duren

    Was not aware of the extent of benefits of taking C60. I have been taking it in olive oil
    For approx 6 months and my grey hair is turning brown daily and my fingernails are growing faster and stronger! To my way of thinking, on a cellular level I’m doing some unique healing from the inside out. Plus my eyesight has slightly improved! I have become a TRUE BELIVER!!


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